At Bolivia Milenaria our ethos remains the same; we are committed to delivering intimate, ethical and inspiring experiences to the world’s most discerning clientele,we are a family run boutique travel business with more than 20 years of insider’s experience in Bolivia, one of the world’s best kept secrets. The company has a portfolio of products that include: Bolivia Luxury Tours, Wildlife Bolivia and our new product Paraguay Experience. We are a DMC known for the personalized services, no third party operation, respected in the industry for its attention to detail and unique access to the most exotic locations and the country’s most respected connoisseurs. We choose to remain a small and sustainable team and work with only a choice number of clients per year, so that we are able to deliver an unbridled and fully-personalized experience of this wild and wonderful world. We know that what sets us apart is our integrity, our heart and commitment, not just to our clients, but to the communities we represent. Bolivia Milenaria is the best option for traveling deep and leading your customers into a country of pristine nature, wildlife, culture and adventure.