Colombian Journeys offers Inbound travel solutions for FIT and Group travellers, together with Destination Management Services for groups, incentives and cruise ships throughout Colombia. Our job is to build mutually beneficial relationships between our company, our suppliers and our clients becoming the main reference point for tourism in the country. We offer the best value to our customers, which include some of the major Tour Operators worldwide, thanks to specialist product knowledge, an extensive product range and the best standards for quality, customer service and security in order to award our travellers with the best experience of Colombia. We pride ourselves of the commitments we take towards travellers such as 24/7 free assistance, full-time multilingual staff (English, Italian, French and Spanish) and onsite support and service. Clients are also given a 24-hour emergency number, linked to a mobile phone supervised by a member of our management team in the event of urgent questions. Our partners collaborate with us to provide innovative destinations together with a flexible travel organization and best of class services because our shared priority is to satisfy each traveller with a unique travel experience.