Staying at Country Club Lima Hotel means being part of Lima’s history: cosmopolitan, historic, unique. Each of the hotel’s corners and corridors hides a legend, a story, a mystery. It is a storied icon that keeps transforming itself, preserving in its corners legends, visits of celebrities and countless social gatherings lived in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital. This hotel, considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation, is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital, very close to important museums, huacas, restaurants and cafes. It is located a few blocks from the sea, in front of the Lima Golf Club, so most of its rooms and suites have a privileged view. The Country Club Lima Hotel is the perfect symbiosis between the glamour of the past and the cutting edge of the present. In 2018, a second and ambitious remodeling was carried out, by the prestigious Argentine architect Francisco Lopez Bustos. The result is a unique experience: the warmth of a classic and lively architecture, with the contemporary air of a cosmopolitan and sophisticated lifestyle.