Enchanting Hotels & Experiences is a collection of high-quality boutique hotels and tour operators that offer an outstanding service through a warm personal attention. Our small charming hotels are located in prime locations throughout Costa Rica, offering everything this fortunate little country is known for. From mighty mountains covered by cloud-forests, right on the edge between the tropical green lush and the ocean, on top of emerald hillsides overviewing valleys and volcanos, on an authentic traditional Hacienda, or on top of terraces that are gifted with splendid ocean views; each and every single of these hotels are a masterpiece of themselves and through their personalized boutique service they will make the best out of your Costa Rican experience. Complement these picturesque hospitality gems with adventure, peace & wellness, or fun family experiences offered by our tour operators nation-wide. Choose a customized lifelong memory between zip-lining in the tropical forest, white water rafting, yoga bliss retreats, premium spa indulgence, kayaking through mangroves and coves, horse-back riding, mountain bike and hiking treks through beautiful landscapes; or all of above. Expect this and much more from this unique collection of Enchanting Hotels & Experiences.