Galapagos Islands is the magical destination where Haugan Cruises a tour operator with 14 years of experience has been leading the operation of luxury yachts. Outstanding journeys from 4 up to 15 days are operated onboard the luxury MC Ocean Spray, MC Petrel and MT Camila. Each yacht has a capacity for 16 guests, every yacht has been equipped with gorgeous cabins from 248 up to 441 square feet, all of them with private balconies. Trekking, kayaking, paddling board, and snorkeling are some of the available activities to be practiced on different islands. A 13 members crew includes a Cruise Manager and a Naturalist Bilingual guide, all of them ready to take care of every detail to provide you a superb experience. Experience transformational adventures and exclusive voyages to remote island destinations aboard our line of luxury yachts. Experience the Galapagos Islands like never before. Your extraordinary journey begins today! Dive into the dazzling Galapagos Islands in the utmost comfort with Haugan Cruises. A boutique yachting lifestyle that is unlike any other form of travel you will ever encounter.