Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is located on the main promenade of the town of Hangaroa in Easter Island, close to the centre, which allows travellers easy access to the local community and the chance to learn more about them. Learning about the magical culture of Rapa Nui is a fundamental part of the experience the hotel delivers. Taking excursions with expert guides who are well-versed in the ancestral culture of the island, visitors can be immersed in the mysticism of the setting. The hotel is unique in so many ways it blends in the surroundings thanks to its grass roof, colours, and textures. It also pays tribute to the Orongo ceremonial village, neat the volcano Rano Kau, an iconic place of the Rapa Nui Culture. Hotel Hangaroa offers three different packages: the Full Experience, which is an all-inclusive program; Discover, which is on a half-board basis; and Dream, which is on a bed-and-breakfast basis. For this new season, guests can choose to dine at a local restaurant instead of eating on the property as part of the full board program, as well as having the choice of private guides in English, French or German at no extra cost when booking the Private Full Experience program.