Looking at travel as a way to learn and harness personal wellbeing, we look to introduce you to Peru from the perspective of the local expert. With over 60 years in the market, we are highly capable of designing the dream trip, while offering guidance and assistance every step of the way. Our work features innovative tools that keep us in the vanguard of quality and client service. On one hand, the Aurora platform offers information about itineraries and reservations, giving our clients the possibility to self-manage and personalize their trips, the opportunity of monitoring passenger services in real time, and access to a rich audio-visual database. On the other hand, MASI, our personalized assistance platform is the ideal travel companion for your passengers, providing a variety of singular features – from itinerary details to specialized fact about destinations. Additionally, the platform facilitates direct communication via a chatbot that is available 24 hours per day. Our technological support complements the attention to detail, hospitality, and operational efficiency that have come to characterize us.