Hi, I’m Olaf – born and raised in Europe. In my early twenties, I was a student at the University of El Paso along the Rio Grande River and sure enough fall in love with the desert and mountains of Chihuahua, its people and cultures. Even before finishing my studies as a political science major, I founded Native Trails to offer tours to Mexico’s Copper Canyons. Over the following seasons it became clear that all Mexico has so much to offer – for me it is the country of the large soul and the countless facets; cultural diversity at its best, pre-Columbian civilizations, transitions between the endless deserts and the luxurious jungle regions in Chiapas or Yucatán… not to forget the colonial cities or the never ending beaches! Every year, I am lucky to spend several months as our Native Trails scout in Mexico, checking our existing services and finding new hotels, restaurants and fascinating experiences – e.g. the Chili farmers of Dzemul or hiking trails within the spectacular jungle region of the Lacandons. However, most of the year I am at the offices as part of our product and marketing team. All our itineraries are customized and “handcrafted” to the needs of you, our clients.