Q’inti is a boutique tour operator with offices in Lima and Cusco in Peru, and Cuiabá in Brazil. Since 2010 we provide detail-oriented and authentic services. We specialize in customized itineraries for individuals and groups. We combine our own operations of Inca Trail and Treks, glamping and Jaguar tours with conventional tourism routes, such as Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Iguassu and Rio. As an authorized Inca Trail operator since 2010 we offer high quality treks with professional equipment (North Face) and carefully planned nutrition for hikers. Since 2021 we offer our own Glamping camps in scenic settings, featuring among other attractions the beautiful Salkantay mountain and Machu Picchu, as well as unique opportunities to experience local communities and traditions. Qinti consists of tourism professionals who are also passionate travelers, hikers and nature lovers. With one owner coming from a conservation biologist background one of our strength is to operate nature and adventure trips to the Peruvian Amazon (Manu) and the Brazilian Pantanal. This tours are designed for nature lovers but can be further adapted for specialized needs like birders, photographers, students and families. In the Pantanal we feature a Jaguar cruise which is the best way to see and photograph these incredible cats in the wild. In recent years our clients have seen and photographed jaguars hunting, mating and even nursing their cubs. In the Brazilian cerrado we can show you the Maned Wolves, flocks of Hyacinth Macaws and incredible tool using Capuchin Monkeys. These adventurous destinations in Brazil can be of course combined with the iconic Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.