Valencia Travel is an inbound local Tour Operator based in Cusco, born in 2009 as the fulfillment of a shared dream by the Hurtado Valencia brothers: Rene, a professional guide and the current CEO of the company, and Amílcar, a professor of philosophy and the assistant manager of the company. The two brothers envisioned creating the best tour operator in the city of Cusco: a company that connects adventurous souls through authentic, sustainable travel experiences in Peru. We are committed to preserving the magic of the local communities, wildlife and the planet as a whole, to share our wisdom and that of the local people to contribute to a better world. Our people were born in the heart of the destination; they love their culture, have innate knowledge about every nook of their territory, and are eager and enthusiastic to explain and represent all aspects of Peru’s history. We work exclusively with local Experts who fulfill our promise and offer a deeply immersive experience.