Why are you changing the format?

We are very happy with how LATA Expo has come back post-pandemic, but we also constantly look to improve the event, and we identified a few areas that we felt we could improve on. The changed format will create an even better experience for all exhibitors and delegates, improved content, better networking opportunities, a more intimate experience, whilst still being centred on the all-important pre-scheduled meetings.

What is on offer to buyers?

LATA Expo 2024 will see all buyers, and exhibitors, hosted on-site, with accommodation and meals all provided.

You will have access to all activities and events, including

  • The LATA Expo Conference on Monday 24th

  • The Gala Dinner on Monday 24th

  • LATA Expo festival on the evening of Tuesday 25th

  • Sustainability Conference on Wednesday 26th

  • Late bar each night

The hotel was recently extensively refurbished, and buyer delegates will have a room to themselves, with a desk and Wi-Fi, giving you quiet to catch up on your emails. All buyers will be hosted on Monday and Tuesday night, but you also have the option to stay with us on Sunday night, with some evening welcome activities. Alternatively, you can arrive by 9.30am on Monday for the conference.

Will all buyers stay for the full event?

Our intention is that everyone will be together for the duration of the event – as if LATA Expo were taking place overseas. We want delegates to be able to make the most of their valuable time, interacting with colleagues in the industry and potential new partners, as well as learning from our conferences and, of course, having some fun as well!

Will this mean being out of touch with my business for three days?

Not at all. We understand that your time is precious, teams are smaller, and everyone is more stretched that was the case a few years ago. We have taken this into account by ensuring that there is time in the schedule for you to catch up with the office, as well as choosing a venue that offers a desk and working facilities in each bedroom.

If you consider the time you would normally spend commuting to-and-from LATA Expo, you will be able to claim all those hours back, as your accommodation will only be a couple of minutes ‘commute’!

LATA Expo finishes at lunchtime on the Wednesday, giving you the full afternoon free.

Why are you introducing the Conference?

The lunchtime seminars always offered great content, but by replacing them with a more structured LATA Expo Conference we can explore a particular theme more thoroughly, provide better insights, and attract some speakers that you may not expect!

The Sustainability Conference on the Wednesday morning gives us all an opportunity to give some focus to this very important topic, to add to the work that we are already engaged in with many of you.

You have limited the number of exhibitors to 100 – does that mean less of interest to me? How will you select exhibitors?

LATA Expo, or ELA as it was, has always had limits on the number of exhibitors, which has allowed us to curate the event, ensuring a broad spread of exhibitor types and operating destinations. For example, the event we held at Chelsea FC in 2029 had around 140 exhibitors, selected from nearly 250 applications to exhibit!

The actual selection process is fairly complex, but is essentially based on fairness towards all our members, ensuring that we consider everyone equally, and that all applicants get a chance to take part over time.

We are confident that delegates will have the same variety of meetings that you always had. Bear in mind that we have only ever had enough pre-scheduled meetings to meet with around a third of the exhibitors, and that is no different under the new format. In fact, you are actually likely to interact with more exhibitors than ever before, thanks to this format.

Will there be a limit on the number of buyers?

Our plan is to have around 130 buyers take part in LATA Expo 2024, on a hosted basis. Where companies traditionally send multiple delegates, we will get in touch to see who they wish to send, with a likely maximum of two delegates from any one company. Again, think of this in the same way as you would an overseas event.