New for 2022, LATA Expo will feature a dedicated programme for Travel Agents, allowing you to attend LATA Expo and develop your knowledge of this incredible part of the world.

Latin America is the most diverse continent on earth, offering a plethora of exciting holiday options for even your most discerning client. Plus, with an average commission value of over £600, it’s well worth expanding your knowledge into this corner of the world!

To help you on your journey of discovery of Latin America we will be holding a specific event for travel agents during LATA Expo.

The event will start at 3pm on Tuesday 14th June, at LATA Expo at Evolution London in Battersea Park, and will be an interactive journey around Latin America with key Tourism Board partners and leading Tour Operator BDMs.

As well as taking part in the special travel agent sessions you will be able to stay for the evening networking event, with Latin American food and drink.

There is no cost for you to take part. Note that we have limited spaces, so may not be able to offer every applicant a space at this event, however we will be running other events later in the year. All applications subjest to approval at LATA’s discretion.

LATA Expo 2022 Travel Agent Programme sign up
What are your five top selling long-haul destinations (by pax numbers)?

Note that the Travel Agent programme does not give access to the pre-scheduled one-to-one meeting system.